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Hero Applying Knowledge

Applying Knowledge

We help clinicians and patients get the most from the latest clinical research.

Turning Research into Action


Karger makes sure to put clinicians and their patients at the center of research. We do that by supporting the transfer of scientific findings to applied knowledge. In doing so, we help clinicians and patients get the most from the latest medical research. By serving as a trusted resource, we link research, patients and healthcare professionals together.



Healthcare Professional and Patient-Centric Content


One of our strengths at Karger is translating peer-reviewed clinical studies into easy-to-understand language and plain-written formats. Due to our size, you and others in the healthcare community can expect personalized attention addressing your needs.

You can explore a series of free medical handbooks, reference books featuring critical reviews of subject areas by experts, and dermatology reference tools for clinicians.

Clinicians Patients



Tailored Consulting Solutions


Not sure how building knowledge looks for your organization? We partner with our customers to tailor curated article collections, free e-learning courses, popular, plain-written content, and the right engagement campaigns to reach your audience. In short we have the network, the communication tools, the longstanding experience and we own the right channels to meet your needs.


Our Offerings

  • Curated and 'best of' article collections
  • Fast Facts medical handbooks
  • Kompass journal summaries
  • E-learning coures
  • Animations and video abstracts
  • Popular patient blogs and podcasts
  • Diversified and compelling webinars
  • Custom engagement programs
  • Custom social promotions
  • And much more

Ready for consulation which mix of content and formats are right for you?

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