Publish Your Research Open Access

Open Access allows everyone, everywhere to read articles, which provides benefits for all communities - including the potential for increased citations and recognition of authors’ work.

How to publish Open Access:

Select the best journal for your paper in our journals list and

a) submit to a Gold Open Access journal. Fully Open Access journals are indicated with a green Open Access icon.

b) choose Author’s ChoiceTM in any hybrid Open Access (subscription) journal or Transformative Journal.

If your institution has an Open Access agreement with Karger or you have funding subject to an Open Access mandate, Karger Publishers will guide you through the process to ensure you benefit and comply with all applicable requirements.

For information about Green Open Access read about self-archiving in the Author Guidelines of any selected journal.


Open Access Submission Process

2. Read and confirm the submission guidelines

3. Enter funding information

- Select funding body if available
- Specify if your funder participates in Plan S or not

4. Upload your manuscript file

5. Upload cover letter and accompanying information

6. Submit your manuscript


Author's Choice

Author's ChoiceTM is an option that lets authors publish Open Access no matter what journal they select by upgrading their articles in subscription journals. This is called hybrid Open Access, in contrast to publishing in fully Gold Open Access journals. Open Access makes articles free for anyone to read, download, and share, which in turn increases visibility and impact. It also ensures compliance with all Open Access funding mandates.

Selecting Author's ChoiceTM does not affect editorial decisions at any stage. All Author’s Choice articles are peer reviewed, copyedited, indexed, professionally produced and promoted, and available in print and online.
To cover costs related to Open Access publishing, a one time fee is levied in most journals. Depending on the journal, additional publication charges may apply. Author's ChoiceTM is a permissible cost in many research grants and may be reimbursed by the funder, especially in cases when Open Access publication is mandatory.

These articles are generally distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC). However, the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY) in used for Open Access articles in Transformative Journals or when required by funders or institutions.



If you have questions about submitting your paper at Karger feel free to .