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Cycle of Knowledge in Health Sciences

As a publisher we are dedicated to serving the information needs of the scientific community, clinicians, and patients. With our strategy we aim to cover the whole cycle of knowledge, starting with research planning and concluding with the transfer of scientific findings to healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers. Discover our products and services along the cycle of knowledge in Health Sciences.


Transfer into Clinical Environment

We aim to close the existing knowledge gap between Research and Healthcare.


Fast Facts

A handbook series with optional e-learning enabling dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients.

Kompass Journals

A journal series for clinicians and medical specialists focusing on the transfer of knowledge from research into practice.


A digital handbook for dermatologists when diagnosing skin diseases.

Made Clear for Patients

We edit research results and important insights to provide patients with simplified and concise content.



Featuring selected topics and summaries of relevant information specially edited for patients.

The Waiting Room

Platform for the general public with a collection of health information.

Share & Discuss

We encourage discussion and enhance spreading of scientific results.


Nephrology Blog

Expert comments on important new papers #viewsbyglassock.

E-Journal and E-Book Collections

Content and insights about the journal shared with the community.

Experience Karger

Our corporate blog with interesting topics on how we connect, advance, spark and work.

Think & Plan

We support researchers in the planning stage of their studies.




Tailormade courses in the Health Sciences carefully crafted by leading experts in the field.

Interact & Validate

In this stage, results are discussed and data are shared among peers. We support researchers in this important pre-publishing stage.



We collaborate with the preprint server for biology, enabling authors to submit their articles to several Karger journals easily via a direct transfer of their manuscript files and metadata to the journals.


Screens preprint submissions for plagiarism, unethical work, nonscientific content, inappropriate article types and material that could endanger the health of individuals or the general public.

Write & Publish

We support researchers in the publication stage of their paper.


Transformational Open Access Agreements

Helping institutions and societies transit into a more open world with innovative approaches.

Partner Publications

A journal in cooperation with an external partner.

Author Services

Educational and training workshops that can be held online or in person.
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