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Promote Your Work

How to achieve maximal awareness of your article.

Get Your Publication Seen by Your Target Readership

Update your online CV and website by including the complete citation of your publication.

Inform your institute's library that your article/book has been published so that it may be added to the list of publications they maintain.

Include your publication in your suggested reading lists.

Post a link to your publication on your social media sites.

We have created a visual you can use when communicating your published article with Karger Publishers on social media.
You will find the appropriate format of the visual for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts.
Twitter (jpg, 90 KB)
Facebook / LinkedIn (jpg, 168 KB)

Maximize the Impact and Visibility of Your Publication

Kachel Science Communications & Outreach Services

Science Communications & Outreach Services

We provide science communication services to make your research accessible to all. Present your work in engaging formats such as podcasts, video abstracts, animations, or magazine-style articles.

Promote Your Article on Social Media Channels

Determine who your audience is and on which social media channel you can best reach them.

Think about your message: what is new, different, or exciting about your research?.

Use hashtags: tweets with hashtags get more engagement than tweets without.

Mentions: mention relevant people directly in your posts- people who contributed to your research, people you think may find your research helpful/relevant etc.

As Twitter only allows 280 characters, you can save more characters for your message by shortening the links to the article website.

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