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Services That Make the World Go Round

We connect and advance Health Sciences in partnership with academic and research institutions.

PACS is More Than a Series of Products – PACS is a Solution!

Encompassing a broad spectrum of services, the PACS approach covers diverse needs along the research cycle: a variety of services from one source allowing us to customize to individual requirements.

We offer pick-and-choose options and concepts specifically designed for your institution, creating and combining products and services tailor-made for every stage of the research cycle. With Karger you will benefit from the experience of a transparent, agile and reliable partner that helps you to connect and advance life science.

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Publish & Access

Road to Open

For the past three years Open Access – and more recently also Open Science – have been the focus of Karger Publishers and our mission to “connect and advance Health Sciences”. Our strategic vision and promise to fully embrace ‘open for Open’ have since taken multiple forms: collaborating on innovative transformative agreements; offering flexible Open Access publication services; developing customized Partner Publications that give research-related organizations an effective way to connect with the global scholarly community; and ‘flipping’ (converting) quality subscription journals to Open Access to provide an ever higher share of openly accessible content.

We are well on the road to open, which we are pleased to share with our partners, authors and stakeholders, striving evermore for a sustainable way towards an Open Access future.

Transformative Agreements

Karger encourages the transition from an access-based model to a publishing-based model by offering Publish & Access – Transformative Agreements according to the individual needs of institutions. Publish & Access models can be combined with our other services along the entire cycle of knowledge in health sciences.

Open Access Vouchers

Karger is committed to helping authors benefit from Open Access agreements and to meeting the requirements of the Open Access mandates of all funding bodies.

Flipping Journals to Open Access

Following the Karger strategy, two additional journals will convert from subscription to Open Access. Together with the 11 journals that flipped in 2021 and 2020 and newly launched Open Access journals, the number of Karger Open Access journals now totals about a third of the journal portfolio.

Partner Publications

Partner Publications are platinum Open Access journals published in partnership with global academic research institutions, societies, government bodies, research funders, and other health research organizations. Partner Publications are an integral part of the Karger journal portfolio, following the same quality and ethical standards as all Karger journals.

Partner Portals

Partner Portals are platinum Open Access journal sections managed by individual research organizations that increase the global visibility and recognition of their scientific research. They provide a publishing platform to early-career institutional researchers within one or more specialized fields, retaining the interdisciplinary and open approach of the main Karger journal they belong to: Biomedicine Hub.

The perfect opportunity for your organization to collaborate with an internationally renowned publisher and provide an inclusive and impact-neutral platform, showcasing the institutional work in a customized landing page. Academic staff and researchers are provided with practical, targeted and relevant education and editorial involvement opportunities.


Karger's Online Collections are designed to meet the diverse needs and requirements of institutional customers ranging from academic and hospital libraries to pharmaceutical and other research centers and industries. The options are virtually unlimited: customers can access the complete content at attractive conditions or compile customized collections in various formats according to individual budgets and fields of interest.



Digital Content Curation: Select From all Karger Content and Combine – Include – Fuse the Relevant and Focused Material

Based on your fields of interest and specialization, we are happy to provide tailored collections and packages, including content from the complete Karger portfolio and suite of solutions! Pick and choose options include:

Customized E-Journal Collections
Selected titles from our broad journal program covering all disciplines of human medicine in clinical basic and research areas.

Subject Packages
Comprising eJournals and eBooks focused on a single or various research or medical subjects. The Subject Packages provide highly selected content to meet the increasing demand for specific information of researchers, specialists, and practitioners.

Topic Article Packages
Keyword and subject-based content from preselected journal articles and book chapters from across the entire range of the Karger publishing program, covering individual fields of interest. The semantic search-based selection includes only highly relevant search results and guarantees a maximum level of customization.



From the first steps of research to publication with an impact - Karger Publishers supports institutions and their researchers with actionable guidance and know-how for every step along the cycle of knowledge. Depending on researchers’ needs, institutions may choose from any combination of self-study online courses, live webinars and workshops and our practical guide book in print or online.

Early Career Researchers learn and gain confidence in their skills, while more experienced researchers also benefit from getting their questions answered and gaining new insights with our Education program.

Language Editing Package

English is the primary language for scientific publishing, so a well-written manuscript in English is key to acceptance in respected international journals and achieving visibility. For non-native speakers of English, publishing in a foreign language can be a struggle - but it doesn't have to be.

In cooperation with Enago, a leading global provider of editing services, Karger Publishers offers universities who want to support their researchers and faculty in their efforts to succeed with publishing in their chosen journals following options:

  • Substantive Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Translation Services in 12 languages


If you would like to learn more about this service and setting up a co-branded academic knowledge portal for your institute, .

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