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Welcome to Karger’s Regional Offices in Mexico and Brazil

Karger has had offices in Latin America since opening a regional office in Mexico City in 2017. Daniel González Montiel and Victor da Silva Carvalho are our local representatives and your go-to contacts.

Adapting to the needs of different regions is important to us since we want to provide tailormade solutions for every partner. Let us support you on your research journey, let’s build a partnership and bring your society and health sciences to the next level, or let us provide you with concise and customized products that summarize the most important scientific findings for you to apply in your job as a health care provider.


Training Session with Editors: How to Get your Biomedical Paper Published

Karger Publishers in partnership with Brazilian Consortium CAPES presented this webinar sharing the best practices for you to publish your biomedical article within the international standards of scientific publication.

Webinar: How to Get Your Pathology Paper Published

Roundtable addressing the key success factors to publish a Pathology article.
Webinar aimed at Health Science researchers, Peer Reviewers and professionals involved in the scientific production cycle.

Karger Kompass Neumología

The direct transfer of knowledge from international scientific publications to everyday medical practice – well founded, clear, competent. Covering the main topics, the publications inform clinicians and specialists in a compact way about relevant knowledge and news in different fields of medicine.

Do You Want to Prepare Your Manuscript Following the Best International Standards in Scientific Writing?

Download for free our new e-book!


How To Get Your Biomedical Paper Published

A Practical Guide for Graduate Students and Postdocs


  • What Makes a Paper Stand out against Average or Poorly Written Papers?
  • The Structure of a Scientific Paper
  • General Writing Techniques
  • Choice of Journal
  • Presenting Your Data
  • Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion
  • Language and Style



Team Members

Daniel González Montiel


Daniel González Montiel

Regional Manager Latin America (Mexico)

+52 55 81 72 74 55

For almost 4 years within the publishing industry in Latin America, I have supported different institutions with tailormade solutions aimed to improve their research and knowledge in the medical field. From doctors, researchers, librarians, and even product managers, there is always an opportunity we are happy to help with. During recent years I’ve been travelling in different countries within the region, gaining a wide perspective of the needs and opportunities in Latin America. So, for every new idea or project that you have, I’m curious to hear about it!


Victor da Silva Carvalho


Victor da Silva Carvalho

Business Development Manager LATAM (Brazil)

+55 24 992580182

I have been in the publishing market for more than 5 years, working with Latin-American countries. I like how dynamic the field of publishing in health sciences is and admire the passion scientists and librarians have for their work. Out of the box partnerships, productive conversations, valuable and creative solutions - this is our common ground while working together. My professional background includes different experiences in Digital Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Hospitality, Process Mapping, and even Adventure Sports. All of them helped a lot to build who I am (professionally and personally). Do you have a great idea? Look no further and call us!


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