Our Dental Medicine portfolio has a long-standing history of meaningful contributions to medical science. It includes Caries Research, the official journal of the European Organisation for Caries Research (ORCA). Founded in 1967 to promote research into dental caries and related fields, the journal considers epidemiological, clinical and laboratory studies in dental caries, tooth wear and other dental hard tissue conditions and diseases. Caries Research focuses on the latest findings on caries prevention, dental erosion and the associated tooth wear process, novel diagnostic methods, risk indicators and predictors, the impact of lifestyle and behavior, and the association between systemic diseases and oral health.
For half a century, our flagship book series Monographs in Oral Science has provided a source of in-depth discussion by carefully selected experts of relevant topics in Oral Medicine including tooth wear, fluoride, biofilms and coronal caries.


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Monographs in Oral Science on Coronal Caries: Evolving Evidence and Clinical Practice


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