Blood and blood-related diseases are at the center of our hematology portfolio. With two well-respected journals in the field, Karger covers important areas in hematology with a particular focus on the causes, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of hematological disorders.
Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy is an interdisciplinary Open Access journal for transfusion medicine, hemotherapy, immunohematology, and clinical hemostasis. Subjects include therapy with blood components and plasma derivatives, transfusion-related questions in transplantation, stem cell manipulation, immuno-hematological investigations and legal aspects of the production of blood products.
Acta Haematologica is a clinically-oriented international journal featuring balanced, wide-ranging coverage of current hematology research. It includes topics like anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, hereditary disorders, blood coagulation, growth factors, and hematopoiesis.


Call for Papers in Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy

Importance of HLA for Transplantation.

Call for Papers in Gerontology

Regenerative Medicine for Aging.




Tile Picture Article Series on COVID-19

Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy: Article Series on COVID-19

All articles related to COVID-19 published in Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy.
Tile Picture Hematological Aspects of COVID-19

Hematological Aspects of COVID-19

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