Karger’s journals and books on pathology and cell biology are dedicated to publishing cutting-edge research on both the normal and pathological development of microscopic structures in our bodies. Acta Cytologica provides essential reading in cytopathology. Cells Tissues Organs is the journal of cell and developmental biology, stem cell research, tissue engineering, in vitro systems, and regenerative biology. Pathobiology covers recent advances in translational medical research.
The book series, Monographs in Clinical Cytology, introduces modern diagnostic techniques and procedures. Each volume correlates extensive basic and clinical findings and describes how innovations in cytology can improve patient diagnosis and management.


Call for Papers in Cells Tissues Organs

Early Career Researchers in Developmental Biology, Stem Cell Research, and Tissue Engineering.




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Leaders in Research Article Series

Showcasing the latest leading research in fields of cell biology, developmental biology and the emerging fields of regenerative medicine.
Picture Tile Cell Tissue Organs

Multi-scale Quantitative Approaches to Decode Cellular, Developmental and Cancer Dynamics

Experimental and computational approaches towards exploring spatiotemporal dynamics of biological systems.


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