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Biomed Hub
e-ISSN: 2296-6870 (Online)
DOI: 10.1159/issn.2296-6870

About Biomedicine Hub Partner Portals

Partner Portals are platinum Open Access journal sections managed by individual research organizations that increase the global visibility and recognition of their scientific research.

They provide a publishing platform to researchers from institutions, societies, government bodies, research funders, companies, and organizations within one or more specialized fields, while retaining the interdisciplinary and open approach of the Karger Journal they belong to: Biomedicine Hub.

Partner Portals provide the perfect opportunity for your organization to collaborate with an internationally renowned publisher and provide an inclusive and impact-neutral platform.


  • Increase global visibility and recognition of the organization’s scientific research, by showcasing the institutional work in a customized landing page, without requiring a high publication turnover.
  • Provide academic staff and researchers with practical, targeted and relevant education and editorial involvement opportunities.
  • Articles made available in the Partner Portals are an integral part of Biomedicine Hub and follow the same quality, ethical standards, and indexing as all other articles in the journal.


For more information on establishing a Partner Portal, .

For questions on the individual Sections, refer to the contact person indicated in each individual Partner Portal.

Partner Portals

China Medical University Logo

China Medical University - Taiwan

Explore China Medical University - Taiwan’s Portal

Xuanwu Hospital Logo

Xuanwu Hospital – Capital Medical University

Explore Xuanwu Hospital – Capital Medical University’s Portal

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