Research into genetics, genomics, and biotechnology has evolved and diversified rapidly. Analyzing and manipulating genes remains a challenge in basic research and clinical practice. Cytogenetic and Genome Research is an internationally leading forum for original reports and reviews in human, animal, and plant cytogenetics, including clinical, molecular, and comparative cytogenetics.
Human Heredity explores genetics of human populations, Sexual Development offers an exclusive forum for research on sexual development in humans and animals. Molecular Syndromology advances understanding of genetic syndromes through molecular insights.


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Emerging Trends in Cytogenetic and Genome Research.

Call for Papers in Molecular Syndromology

Precision Medicine.




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ISCN Online

ISCN 2020 is an indispensable reference volume for human cytogeneticists, molecular biologists, technicians, and students for the interpretation and communication of human cytogenomic nomenclature.


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