Karger Nephrology covers a wide spectrum of topics in clinical and basic research. American Journal of Nephrology, Nephron, Kidney Diseases, and Kidney and Blood Pressure Research provide cutting-edge research relevant to the broad discipline of nephrology ranging from prevention, diagnosis and management of kidney diseases, hypertension and associated cardiovascular disease, to genetics of kidney diseases, renal cell biology and immunology, blood pressure regulation, pathophysiology, epidemiology, patient care, and public health policy.
Blood Purification is a multidisciplinary forum for scientific progress in dialysis and critical care nephrology. Cardiorenal Medicine focuses on the latest findings on the connection between disorders of the kidneys and the heart, and the role of metabolic abnormalities and obesity in the incidence of cardiorenal diseases. Glomerular Diseases is the first-in-class journal focusing exclusively on the glomerulus. Case Reports in Nephrology and Dialysis publishes case reports covering the the entire spectrum of nephrology and dialysis. Finally, the book series, Contributions to Nephrology, focuses on problems of immediate importance for clinical nephrology.


Call for Papers in Nephron

Person-Centered Healthcare in Nephrology.

Calls for Papers in Kidney and Blood Pressure Research

Kidney Function and Omics Science

Kidney Stone Disease

Call for Papers in Glomerular Diseases

Advances in Diabetic Kidney Diseases.

Call for Papers in Blood Purification

Green Renal Replacement Therapy: Caring for the Environment.

Call for Papers in American Journal of Nephrology

New Insights in Onconephrology.


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Tile Picture Diuretics and Ultrafiltration in Heart Failure

Diuretics and Ultrafiltration in Heart Failure

Volume removal in heart failure: Current concepts and a look into the future.
Tile Picture Best of Nephrology

Best of Nephrology

Discover the latest groundbreaking Nephrology research.
Tile Picture American Journal of Nephrology

Best of American Journal of Nephrology

Check out our selection for the 40th anniversary of the journal.
Tile Picture Ultrastructural Pathology

Ultrastructural Pathology

Special Topic Articles published in Glomerular Diseases.
Tile Picture Adsorption in Extracorporeal Therapies

Adsorption in Extracorporeal Therapies

Special Topic Articles published in Blood Purification.
Tile Picture Best of Cardiorenal Medicine

Best of Cardiorenal Medicine

Review our 10th Anniversary Collection.


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Nephrology Viewpoints Kachel

Nephrology Viewpoints

Renowned nephrologist Richard Glassock comments on the latest research results.


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