Karger’s portfolio on the cardiovascular system presents a wide range of the latest topics in clinical and basic research comprising of detailed records and journals. Cardiology provides a forum for scientific progress in prevention, recognition, and treatment of heart disease. Journal of Vascular Research provides rigorous, cutting-edge research in vascular and microvascular biology, physiology, and pathophysiology for basic science and translational researchers, whereas Pulse focuses on the latest findings and hypotheses that enhance the understanding of the entire spectrum of vascular research.
Complementing the coverage in this medical field are Cardiorenal Medicine with a focus on research and clinical practice drawing connections between disorders of the kidneys and the heart, and Kidney and Blood Pressure Research with a speciality in renal and cardiovascular research. Additionally, Cerebrovascular Diseases and the companion journal, Cerebrovascular Diseases Extra, cover stroke and cerebrovascular research.


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Tile Picture Advances in Pharmacotherapy for Arrhythmia

Advances in Pharmacotherapy for Arrhythmia

Published in the Cardiology journal.
Tile Picture Journal of Vascular Research

Journal of Vascular Research Highlights on Endothelial Cell Research

Check out the Editor-in-Chief’s selection of recent articles.

Tile Picture Pulse Special Double Issue

2022 Highlights from Pulse

Webinar series highlighting 2022 hot topics in the field of vascular research and pulsatile phenomena.


Other Publications

Kachel JVR Journal Cover


The Journal of Vascular Research/European Society for Microcirculation (JVR/ESM) Award aims to spotlight important and growing fields of research with high impact for vascular biology and the microcirculation, with the goal of giving an award to one of the most prominent researchers in the field.


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