Karger’s endocrinology portfolio cover a wide spectrum of basic and clinical research into major Endocrine topics like thyroid physiology, bone and mineral metabolism, insulin and diabetes, obesity, reproduction hormones, pediatric endocrinology, neuroendocrinology and endocrine oncology.
Hormone Research in Paediatrics reports on the latest discoveries in original research in the care of children with endocrine disorders, as well as metabolism, obesity, bone and growth, sex development and more.
Neuroendocrinology which promotes original research covering all aspects from basic to clinical explores the complex, bidirectional interactions between the nervous systems and the endocrine systems in both physiological and pathological conditions. It presents contributions elucidating the role of the peptidic and steroidal hormones and other substances in the control of reproduction, development, sex/gender, degeneration, energy balance, stress responses, inflammation, rhythms, cognition, behavior, tumors and aging.


Call for Papers in Neuroimmunomodulation

Microbiota and Gut-Brain Connection in Neuroinflammation.




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Best of Endocrinology

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Best of Hormone Research in Paediatrics

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Best of Diabetes

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